Thursday, September 10, 2015

Everybody's Gotta Eat, Right?

"Unlike some similar organizations, which deliver meals mainly for the sake of ease and convenience, Community Servings is anchored by its belief that food is medicine, and that eating the right things can make an impact on treatment."

If it's helpful to think of food as medicine, then why not throw water and air into the mix too? I mean, we need them to live, right?

Is our society so healthcare-inclined that we can't think of life's essentials other than in medical terms? Air is air, water is water, food is food - they're all made up of atoms. We need these things to live regardless of if we're sick. Medicine has its proper place.

So it makes total sense then that an organization like Community Servings exists (at least in America where publicly funded social services are all but forgotten). They're great - and I recommend to anyone interested, read the article, volunteer your free time. And think about how we can bolster our health system to make being healthy easy!

Re: "Community Servings Delivers Medically Tailored Meals to Chronically Ill Patients"- J. Ducharme, Boston Magazine Blog, 09/10/15

Title inspired by "The Food" by Common featuring Kanye West on the Dave Chappelle Show (2005).

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